A Pop-rockabilly band based out of Whitehorse Yukon


"Whitehorse band Ukes of hazard wrap up an epic summer"

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Pirate rock - what's up yukon

"After hitchhiking across Canada in 2013, Seymour and her ukulele settled in Whitehorse, where she stands out, both in her voice and dress."

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Setting Sail for uncharted waters - What's up Yukon

"Pop-rock swing band The Ukes of Hazard prepares for their first B.C. tour after a year of exciting firsts"

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"Paris Seymour, better known by her stage name Paris Vagabond Gypsy, is one of a kind. In the year-and-a half since the pirate-costumed, bass-playing, ukulele-strumming, singer-songwriter (and one-time burlesque dancer) arrived in the Yukon, she’s formed the Ukes of Hazard and is releasing her first full-length album, Mine to Creep." - Barry Jack Jenkins. What's up yukon magazine